Aqua Spin Class

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A cardio workout that is easy on the joints!

Aqua Spin takes the basic concepts of a stationary bike spin class and puts it in a pool which gives a new dimension to the normal class we all know and love. Spin classes are popular and effective way of training but can put pressure on joints, especially if participants are rehabbing injuries.

Our Aqua Spin class offers that same level of training intensity with the added support of water. The water provides cyclists with a degree of support for their limbs (and sit bones) which is impossible to achieve on a normal stationary bike.

Another great benefit of exercising in water is that you won’t get sweaty!

The water helps maintain a comfortable body temperature which means you feel a lot more comfortable even though you are working just as hard. Water shoes or old sneakers are required.

Six-week sessions. Space is limited.

Winter/Spring Session I
Dates Day Time Code Price
Jan 8–Feb 12 Tu 6:00–7:00 am #109710 $52M/$62NM
Jan 8–Feb 12 Tu 10:00–11:00 am #109711 $52M/$62NM
Jan 9–Feb 13 W 6:30–7:30 pm #109716 $52M/$62NM
Jan 10–Feb 14 Th 10:00–11:00 am #109715 $52M/$62NM
Winter/Spring Session II
Dates Day Time Code Price
Feb 26–Apr 2 Tu 6:00–7:00 am #109718 $52M/$62NM
Feb 26–Apr 2 Tu 10:00–11:00 am #109719 $52M/$62NM
Feb 27–Apr 3 W 6:30–7:30 pm #109722 $52M/$62NM
Feb 28–Apr 4 Th 10:00–11:00 am #109721 $52M/$62NM

Cancellations & Closings

  • Feb 20th - Due to the weather, we will be closing at 2:00 pm today.