GREEN PHASE – SwimAmerica™ Lessons will resume at the Hempfield recCenter Indoor Pool JULY 13th!
DURING THE GREEN PHASE, our instructor to child ratio will be 2:1

A national learn-to-swim program developed by the American Swimming Coaches Association. Instructors are trained and certified by SwimAmerica™.

Questions should be sent to Director Gwyn Atkinson (gwynswim@comcast.net).

SwimAmerica™ swimsuits and goggles are available for purchase.

Program Director: Gwyn Atkinson
Site Supervisors: Michele Rickert, Louise White, Jill Skiles, Debbie Pelen


SwimAmerica™ Preschool

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YM Preschool lessons are for children 3–5 years of age. Participants must be potty trained or wear swim diapers. These lessons are designed to encourage the children to explore the water and develop bobbing, floating, and kicking skills.


Summer Sessions - Hempfield recCenter Indoor Pool
Dates Days Times Code Price
Jul 13–Jul 23 M-Th 10:00–10:30 am #182135 $92M/$102NM
Jul 13–Jul 23 M-Th 10:30–11:00 am #182136 $92M/$102NM
Jul 27–Aug 6 M-Th 10:00–10:30 am #182138 $92M/$102NM
Jul 27–Aug 6 M-Th 10:30–11:00 am #182139 $92M/$102NM

SwimAmerica™ School-Age ages 5–12

Register for SwimAmerica™ School-Age ages 5–12

YM Lessons allow children, ages 5–12 years, to progress at his/her own rate, learning proper stroke mechanics while practicing efficient breathing and increasing their endurance.

Hempfield recCenter School Age Lessons (Ages 5-12)
Date Day Time Code Price
Jul 13–Jul 23 M-Th 11:00-11:30 am #182153 $92M/$102NM
Jul 13–Jul 23 M-Th 11:30 am-12:00 pm #182154 $92M/$102NM
Jul 27–Aug 6 M-Th 11:00-11:30 am #182163 $92M/$102NM
Jul 27–Aug 6 M-Th 11:30 am-12:00 pm #182164 $92M/$102NM


Cancellations & Closings

There are currently no cancellations or closings