Hempfield Rec Sports Performance

An athletic development program designed to physically, mentally, and mechanically prepare participants to maximize their athletic potential. Performance coaches will develop a customized training program using powerful one-on-one and small-group training. Athletes will learn the components of athletic development necessary to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to teach every athlete to be a champion on and off the court or field. Whether your goal is to improve performance or decrease the risk of injury, participating in our comprehensive, science-based program will lead participants to become their very best.

Athletes will build a strong foundation based on individual needs. Performance will be improved by working on mobility, strength, work capacity and power.

•Injury Prevention – Each athlete will be screened to detect deficient movement patterns or asymmetries and given corrective exercises. 

•Mental Toughness & Work Ethic – Through this program, each athlete will be taught to push beyond what they think they are capable of learning and to reach beyond their comfort zone.

•Other Skills – The cornerstone of this program is not only to teach sport skills but to teach the athlete life lessons such as:

•Goal setting

•Responsibility and discipline

•Hard work



•Sportsmanship and character


For more information, contact Dan Cless at dcless@hempfieldrec.com.  

View and print information about our Sports Performace Programs

Sports Performance Brochure

Sports Performance for Basketball Players

Sports Performace for Competitive Swimmers

One-on-One Training
Type 45-minute Session 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 20 Sessions
Member $45 $235 $390 $700
Nonmember $55 $260 $490 $900
Buddy Training
Type 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 20 Sessions
Member/Nonmember $235 $440 $800
Small-Group Training
Type 5 Sessions 10 Sessions 20 Sessions
Member/Nonmember $285 $540 $1,000


Cancellations & Closings

  • Oct 31 - HIIT 5:30 pm class is canceled tonight.
  • Oct 31 – No SwimAmerica™ 12:30 pm & 1:00 pm preschool classes or 5:30 / 6:30 pm school-age classes. Happy Halloween!
  • Oct 31 - Kids Korner will not be open in the evening due to trick-or-treat
  • Oct 31 - 7:30 pm is canceled due to trick-or-treat activities.
  • Nov 27 - No 1:30 pm Shallow H2O due to Rec Kids swim