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Sports Performance Training with Candice

This high-intensity training session focuses on strength, correcting asymetries and exercises for injury prevention.

Groups can be sports specific or join if you are active in fitness and want to take your training to the next level.

Learn dynamic warm-ups that address mobility/instability, proper form with weight training, accessory lifts and exercises to help prevent injuries.

Six-week sessions in our private TRX studio.

Trainer: Candice Luciani


Date Day Time Code Price
Mar 15–Apr 21 M & W 4:00–5:00 PM #214142 $120M/$160NM
Register for Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain Prevention Class

Learn how to prevent and manage back pain with stretching and strengthening exercises. Movements will be light, fitness-based yoga poses, with stretching and isometrics for the paraspinal and lower back muscles. Light to moderate dumbbell training will be used for strengthening. Abdominal activation will be taught along with engaging muscles that assist with core stability.

Trainer: Candice Luciani
Six-week session held in Conf. Room C.


Back Pain Prevention Video

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price members/nonmembers
Feb 25–Apr 1 Th 6:00–6:45 pm #219983 $60M/$70NM
Register for Introduction to Barbell

Introduction to Barbell Training ages 14+

An introductory class to weight training and body queueing for building up to complex lifts. Sessions will cover accessory lifts for making barbell training more effective and safe. The format includes: dynamic warm-ups, main barbell lifts, how to stabilize the body when lifting, proper weight for each person with appropriate cooldowns, and stretching.

Six-week session in our weight room. Please meet near the fitness center staff office.
Trainer: Candice Luciani

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price
Feb 16–Mar 23 Tu 6:00–6:45 pm #214162 $60M/$70NM
Register for TRX Training

TRX® Suspension Training

Improve body strength, endurance, and flexibility in a fast, effective workout. TRX suspension training allows you to self-adjust the amount of resistance you need.

Sessions are held in small groups with safe distancing in place.

Trainer: Jill Austin

TRX Studio

TRX Studio
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Feb 23–Mar 30 Tu 6:45–7:45 pm #214170 $60M/$70NM
Feb 25–Apr 1 Th 6:45–7:45 pm #214172 $60M/$70NM
Apr 13–May 18 Tu 6:45–7:45 pm #214174 $60M/$70NM
Apr 15–May 20 Th 6:45–7:45 pm #214180 $60M/$70NM
Register for Tai Chi

Tai Chi ages 18+

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements. It is good for relaxation, balance, leg strength, and flexibility. In this class, you will practice basic postures, learning a simple nine-step Tai Chi form.

Instructor: Ben Ninmann has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Eight-week, small-group sessions are held in our dance studio.


Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price
Feb 22–Apr 12 M 12:00–1:00 pm #219992 $80M/$100NM
Register for Small Steps, BIG Changes

Boxing Classes

E.P. Brown of FRS Sports Athletics is offering beginner to pro boxing classes that teach the
technical aspects of boxing along with ways you can incorporate this invigorating sport into your workout routine. Gloves are provided. Hand wraps are recommended and will be available for purchase.

Sessions offered by appt. only – ages 8+

  Members: $25/½ hr or $40/hr (one-on-one training)

  Nonmembers: $35/½ hr or $55/hr (one-on-one training)

  Group Rates (3 people max): $45/½ hr or $75/hr

One-on-One Package Deals 

Beginner Package  $45

  Week 1 one 15-min session

  Week 2 one 15-min session

  Week 3 one 20-min session

  Week 4 one 25-min session

Advanced Package  $110

  Week 1 one 45-min session

  Week 2 one 45-min session

  Week 3 one 45-min session

  Week 4 one 45-min session

Pro Package  $160

  Week 1 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 2 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 3 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 4 two 45-min sessions

Contact E.P. Brown to schedule your session
frssports@icloud.com or 717-209-2951

Cancellations & Closings

  • March 12, No 1:30 pm water aerobic class; please come to 10:00 am T& T class.