Specialty Classes

Boxing Classes

E.P. Brown of FRS Sports Athletics is offering beginner to pro boxing classes that teach the technical aspects of boxing along with ways you can incorporate this invigorating sport into your workout routine. Gloves are provided. Hand wraps are recommended and will be available for purchase at your lesson.

Sessions are offered by appointment – ages 8+  
• Session rates for members $25/half hour or $40/hr (one-on-one training)
• Session rates for nonmembers $35/half hour or $55/hr (one-on-one training)
• Session rates for members group rate $45/half hour $75/hr (group of three max)

One-on-One Package Deals – ages 8+
Beginner Package $45
Week 1 one 15-minute session
Week 2 one 15-minute session
Week 3 one 20-minute session
Week 4 one 25-minute session

Advance Package $110

Week 1 one 45-minute session
Week 2 one 45-minute session
Week 3 one 45-minute session
Week 4 one 45-minute session

Pro Package $160

Week 1 one 1-hour or two 30-minute sessions
Week 2 one 1-hour or two 30-minute sessions
Week 3 one 1-hour or two 30-minute sessions
Week 4 two 45-minute sessions


Contact: E. P. Brown, epbrown@frssportsathletics.com 717-209-2951

Train to WIN with Deb Smith

Register for Train to WIN with Deb Smith

Join personal trainer, Deb Smith, for a motivating, energy-kicking interval workout that will take your strength, cardio and body movements to your next fitness level. Six weeks.

For personal attention, this class is limited to six participants.


TRX Room
Date Day Time Code Price
Feb 18–March 25 Mon 5:00–5:45 pm #126072 $54M/$66NM

TRX® Suspension Training®

Register for TRX

Improve your total body strength, endurance and flexibility in a fast, effective workout. TRX suspension training allows you to self-adjust the amount of resistance you need by making small changes in foot, hand or body position.

Sessions are held in small groups. You are signing up for a specific time and day of the week. No make-up for missed classes. Six and three-week sessions.

Instructor: Jill Austin

TRX® Room
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Dec 4–Dec 18 Tu 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #92701 $28M/$33NM
Dec 6–Dec 20 Th 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #92711 $28M/$33NM
Jan 8–Feb 12 Tu 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107672 $55M/$65NM
Jan 10–Feb 14 Th 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107678 $55M/$65NM
Feb 26–Apr 2 Tu 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107674 $55M/$65NM
Feb 28–Apr 4 Th 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107680 $55M/$65NM
Apr 16–May 21 Tu 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107676 $55M/$65NM
Apr 18–May 23 Th 6:45 pm–7:45 pm #107682 $55M/$65NM

Cancellations & Closings

  • March 17th - Our indoor pool will close at 2:00 for the Patrick McGrath Memorial Swim Meet.