Specialty Classes

50+ Power Training

For 50+ participants to safely learn how to project power in your daily life and enhance your functionality. Improve your walking, perform low impact movements, increase strength and learn bodyweight circuits with Trainer Deb Smith.
Six-week sessions. Held in our private TRX studio.

We’re sorry, this class is full. 

Summer Session
Date Day Time Code Price members/nonmembers
July 11–25 Sa 9:30–10:30 am FULL! $60M/$70NM
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NEW! Level Up Fitness

Join Trainers Tiffany Sullivan and Tammy Sims to improve your fitness level with circuit style training and total body conditioning. Sessions include the use of weights, HIIT endurance training, and core work all wrapped up with deep stretches and balance work.

Small-group training will be held in our private TRX Studio with social distancing in place!
Register by July 10th.

TRX Studio
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jul 14–Aug 18 Tu 12:15–1:15 pm #187573 $60M/$70NM
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TRX® Suspension Training

Improve body strength, endurance, and flexibility in a fast, effective workout. TRX suspension training allows you to self-adjust the amount of resistance you need. Instructor: Jill Austin

Sessions are held in small groups with social distancing in place.
Register by July 10th. 

TRX Studio
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jul 14–Aug 25 Tu 6:45–7:45 pm #187662 $60M/$70NM
Jul 16–Aug 27 Th 6:45–7:45 pm #187664 $60M/$70NM
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Full Figure Fitness

Do you have 50 or more pounds to lose and need some guidance? Trainer Dan Cless will develop a plan for you and help you execute it. Full disclosure—this is NOT a Biggest Loser session! Sessions will include functional exercises, conditioning plans and nutritional advice to improve your health. There will be additional training to complete throughout the week, and progress will be tracked throughout the program. At the end of the program, you will be given strategies to continue your wellness journey.

This small-group class will be held in our private TRX room and include no more than 12 participants with social distancing in place.
Register by July 10th.

Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jul 14–Sept 1 Tu 5:30-6:30 pm #187651 $120M/$160NM
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Tai Chi - ages 18+

A simple nine-step Tai Chi form introduces you to the basic postures appearing in many Tai Chi forms. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements. It is good for relaxation, balance, leg strength, and flexibility.

Instructor: Ben Ninmann who has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Held in our private dance and TRX studios with social distancing in place.
Register by July 15th.

Dance Studio
Jul 20–Aug 24 M 12:00–1:00 pm #187688 $60M/$70NM
TRX Studio
Jul 20–Aug 24 M 6:45–7:45 pm #187690 $60/$70NM

Small Steps, BIG Changes

Don’t tackle it alone! Join us for this 10-week lifestyle-changing program. You will learn how to take control of your health by establishing SMART Goals and working to achieve them in a supportive and rewarding environment.

Instructor, Mandy McFerren, will use a variety of workouts, introducing you to a complete experience of TRX, Pilates, Cross Training, Circuits, Cycle, Yoga, and more.

Healthy nutrition options will also be discussed.

Ten-week sessions. Held in our private TRX studio.

Program Details:
• Led by certified trainer, Mandy McFerren
• Includes membership throughout the program
• Participants will work out on their own throughout the program

Program Includes:
• Complete body composition analysis
• Weekly weigh-ins
• 10 weeks of group training sessions
• 10 weeks of nutritional educational sessions
• Fun, life-changing workouts

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FREE Intro to Essential Oils - Hollistic Wellness for Life

Attend this FREE session to get the information you need to make informed choices. Understand the difference between oils on a shelf vs. direct from distillation. Learn what an Essential Oil is, how it is derived, where the raw plant material comes from, how to use oils on yourself and your family, and which oils can support and adjust each body system.

FREE but registration requested. Call 717-898-3102. PowerPoint and handouts will be provided. Conf. Rm. D

Instructor: Roxanne Foura, BA, LMT

Date Day Time Code

Outdoor Boot Camp

Join certified trainer, Lilian Smith, for a fun, challenging workout. Bodyweight exercises, sleds, tires, and much more! Tone up your body for summer while enjoying the outdoors! Church St field.

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Speed and Agility Training ages 13-18

Designed to make the youth athlete more efficient, explosive, and powerful in their movements for tennis or any sport that you play. Bob Koenig, NSPA Certified Speed, and Agility Coach will target specific areas of footwork such as deceleration, stability, mobility, acceleration, reaction time, and lateral movement.

Private instruction is also available upon request. Contact Bob Koenig at 717-808-4878 to schedule your sessions.

Date Day Time Code Price

Youth Free Weight Orientation ages 11-15

This three-week program teaches youth how to properly use the equipment in the recCenter cardio and weight training areas. Even 11 and 12-year-olds who work out with an adult will be more self-sufficient and know how to exercise safely. Participants should wear exercise clothing and sneakers.

Trainer: Dan Cless. Fitness Center weight room.

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Boxing Classes

E.P. Brown of FRS Sports Athletics is offering beginner to pro boxing classes that teach the
technical aspects of boxing along with ways you can incorporate this invigorating sport into your workout routine. Gloves are provided. Hand wraps are recommended and will be available for purchase.

Sessions offered by appt. only – ages 8+

  Members: $25/½ hr or $40/hr (one-on-one training)

  Nonmembers: $35/½ hr or $55/hr (one-on-one training)

  Group Rates (3 people max): $45/½ hr or $75/hr

One-on-One Package Deals 

Beginner Package  $45

  Week 1 one 15-min session

  Week 2 one 15-min session

  Week 3 one 20-min session

  Week 4 one 25-min session

Advanced Package  $110

  Week 1 one 45-min session

  Week 2 one 45-min session

  Week 3 one 45-min session

  Week 4 one 45-min session

Pro Package  $160

  Week 1 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 2 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 3 one 1-hr session or two 30-min sessions

  Week 4 two 45-min sessions

Contact E.P. Brown to schedule your session
frssports@icloud.com or 717-209-2951

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