*NEW* Aqua Stand Up®

Burn up to 650 calories! AQUA Stand Up® combines stand up paddle boarding mixed with different fitness techniques like HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and muscular conditioning—executed upon a stand-up board in the water. This very effective workout, choreographed to music sequences, will mobilize your whole body while engaging your core and back. Participants should be comfortable in water over their heads.


Fall Session I
Dates Day Time Code Price
Sept 10–Oct 15 M 6:30–7:30 pm #90005 $52M/$62NM
Sept 12–Oct 17 W 6:30–7:30 pm #90006 $52M/$62NM
Sept 14–Oct 19 F 6:30–7:30 pm #90007 $52M/$62NM
Fall Session II
Dates Day Time Code Price
Oct 29–Dec 3 M 6:30–7:30 pm #90009 $52M/$62NM
Oct 31–Dec 5 W 6:30–7:30 pm #90010 $52M/$62NM
Nov 2–Dec 7 F 6:30–7:30 pm #90011 $52M/$62NM
Kidz AQUA Stand Up® ages 12–15
Date Day Time Code Price
Sept 14–Oct 19 F 4:30–5:30 pm #90003 $52M/$62NM


Cancellations & Closings

  • July 10 - Hempfield recCenter pool will close at 5:00 pm for home swim meet.
  • July 15 - July 15 - There will be no 8 am yoga class on Sunday, July 15.
  • July 17 - East Pete pool and Hempfield recCenter pools will close at 5:00 pm for home swim meets.
  • July 21 - East Pete Frog host Div. Swim Meet - East Pete pool open to membership 4:00–8:00 pm