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Summer Pool Membership 2022

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It’s summertime at Hempfield recCenter!

Join us for a season of fun and sun with our summer membership options.

Pool memberships* include access to Hempfield recCenter and East Petersburg pools.



About Hempfield recCenter's Aquatic Center

• Indoor pool 25 meters with six lanes and depths ranging from three- to 12-feet.
• Diving is only allowed in the designated deep water.
• Water is maintained at 84 degrees, air temperature at 86 degrees.
• Two lanes are available for lap swimming during most open hours for patrons 16 years of age and older. Additional lanes are available at specific times – check posted pool schedule for times.
• Pool parties may be scheduled during Family Swim times and on weekends.
• Outdoor area includes a wading pool (ages 5 and under) and water feature pool (ages 12 and under) with zero depth to two feet. Parents, please obtain consent from management for children older than 12 to play in the feature pool.

About East Petersburg Pools

• 2575 Graystone Rd East Petersburg, Pennsylvania 17520
• 717-898-3102 ext 301
• Outdoor L-shaped main pool with the deep end being the bottom of the L.
• 25 meters long with a diving board and two lap lanes.
• Wading pool for children ages 0–9 Parents must be poolside when children are using this pool.
• Air and water temperature must equal 70 degrees or above for the facility to be open.
• Small parties can be held during most open hours. Please check with management.
Open Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day

Guest Fees

  • Any guest, REGARDLESS OF AGE, is subject to a $10 guest fee. Infants included.
  • Parents with an individual or family membership may bring their children, ages 3 and under, free of charge.
  • Senior members bringing grandchildren into the facility who are not on a membership are subject to the $10 guest fee, regardless of the child’s age. Infants included.
  • No walk-in guests during the hours of 9AM – 12PM Monday through Friday at East Petersburg Pool. MEMBERS AND PUNCH CARDS ONLY DURING THIS TIME.

Pool Policies

  1. Members should enter the pools through main entrances, or the outdoor entrance during the summer.

2. Members must present their membership card when entering either facility. Pool membership cards are non-transferable. Falsification of membership may result in the termination of membership of sponsoring member or further action.

3. Children ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Diapers are not permitted in any pool.  Infants and toddlers must wear a “swim diaper.”  Please use bathrooms for changing diapers.

5. Minors of any age who cannot swim 25 meters with their face in the water in a strong manner, or who need any type of flotation device must be accompanied by an adult in the water. The adult must be within reach of their non-swimmer at all times. Swim tests will be conducted by lifeguards and results will be recorded. If a child chooses not to take the swim test, an adult must be in the water with them and within reach.

6. All members and guests use the pool facilities at their own risk.

7. Hempfield recCenter is not responsible for any accident, injury, theft, loss or damage to personal property while on the premises of Hempfield recCenter or East Petersburg pools.

8. Proper swim attire is required (no thongs or cut-off shorts).

9. NO SWIMMING unless there is a lifeguard on duty.

10. Certified lifeguards are on duty to promote a safe environment—they cannot supervise children nor does their presence guarantee an accident will not happen. Accidents should be reported immediately to the lifeguard or pool manager.

11. NO talking to the lifeguard on duty unless their assistance is needed.

12. Lap lanes are designated for continuous forward motion swimming for exercise purposes.  If you are incapable of swimming in a continuous forward motion, please do not use the lap lanes.

13. Lap swimmers may use kickboards, hand paddles, and other tools for their intended purpose.

14. Exercise equipment is intended to be used for adult exercise purposes only.  Children may not use this equipment.

15. Management has the authority to suspend the use of any equipment being used improperly or considered to be disruptive or dangerous.

16. Property/facility damage due to misuse or a malicious act will be billed to the responsible parties.

17. All swimming lessons and aquatic classes must be coordinated through Hempfield recCenter management.

18. Diving is restricted to East Pete diving well or designated deep water (markers on pool deck).  If in doubt about where diving is allowed, please check with the lifeguard. Divers must pass the Swimmer’s test to use the diving boards.

19. Starting blocks may be used only during scheduled practices or during competition while under supervision.

20. Running on the pool deck is strictly prohibited.

21. No rafts are allowed in the water when the facilities are crowded.

22. No long breath holding or hypoxic training.

23. Horseplay, rough-housing, profane or abusive language, aggressive behavior is prohibited.

24. Digging, or playing on the sand volleyball court is prohibited.

25. Glass items and cooking devices are not permitted within the pool area.


27. Only authorized personnel are permitted in the pool office, snack bar, and on guard chairs

28. Lost & Found is located near the pool restrooms. Misplaced items will be kept for one month, then donated.

29. Pools may be closed at the discretion of the management.

30. Hempfield recCenter reserves the right to change any policies, rules, and regulations as deemed appropriate by the management.

Pool Rental

We’re sorry, we are not booking pool parties at this time.


Cancellations & Closings

There are currently no cancellations or closings