If your lack of nutritional knowledge is getting in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, consider working with a nutrition expert. These programs are available to both Hempfield recCenter members and non-members.

Nutrition Coaching Program - four weeks

Nutrition should enrich your life, not subtract from it. With the right tools, a willing spirit and some strong-willed dedication, Nicole will help empower you to live a well-fueled life!

Instructor: Nicole Cascio, MSc, CPT, Pn1

• Initial 60-minute intake session
• Two supplementary meetings
• Weekly weigh-in/body fat analysis
• Baseline two and four-week measurements (and/or progress photos)
• Weekly communication via email/phone
• Access to a fat-loss recipe library

Type Price
Member $150
Non-Member $160

Nutrition Counseling - one hour

A one-on-one nutrition consultation regarding dietary behavior. Eating for fat loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, vegan, and lifestyle. Consultation includes personalized plan, evaluating food logs, and education on food-related health topics. All sessions will be by appointment only!

Type Price
Member $60
Non-Member $70


Cancellations & Closings

  • Jan 16th 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 Preschool SwimAmerica is canceled today - Make-up class will be Feb. 8th
  • Jan 21st No lap lanes from 3–6:00 pm
  • Jan 23rd Pool closes at 6:30 pm for HHS home swim meet
  • Feb 10 No lap lanes from 3–6:00 pm
  • Easter Sunday CLOSED
  • Feb 25th No lap lanes from 3–6:00 pm
  • March 18th Pool Closing 2:00 pm for Patrick McGrath Swim Meet
  • April 28th Pool Closing 4:30 pm for youth Tri
  • April 29th Pool Open Late 10:00 am due to adult Tri
  • May 18th Pool Closed 8:00 am for annual HHS boat races