If your lack of nutritional knowledge is getting in the way of living a healthy lifestyle, consider working with a nutrition expert.

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Virtual Nutritional Counseling with Samantha Lansberry

Has COVID taken a toll on your eating habits? Would you love to eat healthier but would prefer talking with a Registered Dietitian virtually versus in-person? If so, Samantha Lansberry can help! Sam is a registered dietitian and has a master’s degree in Public Health Nutrition. She will first assess biofeedback (hunger, sleep, stress, mood, energy) to determine the real reasons behind why nutrition struggles exist. She’ll address simple behavioral changes that will help you achieve your overall goal. Whether your goal is weight loss, increased energy, or just learning about a healthy lifestyle, she will work with you to break down the barriers together. You’ll receive accountability and encouragement to create real, sustainable change. 

Packages include:

• One-hour initial assessment session w/ review of habits
• Nutrition education
• Unlimited email access between sessions
• Personalized goals/plans to meet your needs
• Food log reviews, assessments, and feedback
• Meal planning, ideas, recipes, grocery tips/planning
• Weekly follow-up sessions (30-45 min)
• Workout recommendations
• Accountability & encouragement 

Samantha Lansberry MPH, RD, LDN
One-hour session – $75
six-sessions package – $400
12-sessions package – $700

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a session, please call Jamie McGlaughlin at 717-898-3102, x138.

Nutrition Consultations with Registered Dietitian

If you’d like to learn how to eat healthier and/or help control or prevent chronic disease states such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and digestive disorders, let Nicole Starr, a registered dietician guide you. The one-hour initial consultation will include a weigh-in, calculation of your caloric and macro-nutrient needs, and discussion of your specific concerns regarding your current diet. A question and answer session including past medical history, review of medications, and a diet recall including typical meal pattern/history will be reviewed.

Your goals will be essential in leading the course of the treatment. Together, you and Nicole will work to build a healthy diet based on your parameters. Please understand that the registered dietician isn’t going to try to change everything you are doing now. The goal is to work with you to find a healthier way of eating that works within your lifestyle. Dietary and other behavior change will likely be a gradual process.  Half hour follow-up appts may be scheduled to review goals, answer questions, track progress, and assist with additional changes.

Nicole Starr, RD, LDN
Initial 1-hour consultation – $75
Additional ½ sessions, if needed – $40
By appt. only – Please call (717) 575-8994 to schedule.



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