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Register for Performance & Injury Prevention

Performance & Injury Prevention Training for the Recreational Athlete

This class is designed to supplement the fitness regimen of recreational athletes like tennis players, golfers, triathletes, and other adult populations who want flexibility and injury prevention to be a part of their health and fitness routine. Participants will build core stability while emphasizing mobility drills to facilitate lifelong physical performance. Adults looking for new and innovative methods for maximizing their physical potential will be instructed by Trainer John Matulevich, owner of Ruthless Performance. John is a sports physiologist and ultra-endurance athlete who has built injury prevention protocols for hundreds of athletes and recreational gym-goers alike.

Eight weeks in our TRX studio. Register by Jan 6. 

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jan 11–Mar 3 M & W 5:15–6:00 pm #215115 $290M/NM
Register for Back Pain Prevention

Back Pain Prevention Class

Learn how to prevent and manage back pain with stretching and strengthening exercises. Movements will be light, fitness-based yoga poses with stretching and isometrics for the paraspinals and lower back muscles. Light to moderate dumbbell training will be used for strengthening. Abdominal activation will be taught along with engaging muscles that assist with core stability.

Eight-week session held in our dance studio with masks and safe distancing. Register by Jan 11.

Trainer: Candice Luciani

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jan 14–Mar 4 Th 5:30–6:30 pm #214157 $80M/$100NM
Register for Small Steps, BIG Changes

Small Steps, BIG Changes

Don’t tackle it alone! Join us for this ten-week lifestyle-changing program. You will learn how to take control of your health by establishing SMART Goals and working to achieve them in a supportive and rewarding environment.

Instructor, Tiffany Sullivan, will use a variety of workouts, introducing you to a complete experience of TRX, pilates, cross-training, circuits, cycle, yoga, and more. Healthy nutrition options will also be discussed.

Program Details:

  • Led by certified professional trainer, Tiffany Sullivan
  • Includes membership throughout the program
  • Participants will work out on their own throughout the program

Program Includes:

  • Complete body composition analysis
  • Weekly weigh-ins
  • Ten weeks of group training sessions
  • Nutritional educational sessions
  • Fun, life-changing workouts

The small-group class will practice safe distancing.

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price
Jan 11–Mar 22 M 6:45–7:45 pm #214148 $100M/$120NM
Register for Full-Figure Fitness

Full-Figure Fitness

Have you gained weight during the pandemic? Do you have 20 or more pounds to lose? You are not alone!
Let trainer Dan Cless develop a plan and help you execute it to start your weight loss journey. Small-group sessions will include functional exercises, conditioning plans and basic nutritional advice. There will be additional training to complete throughout the week, and weight will be tracked throughout the program. At the end of the program, your personal progress will be assessed, and you will be given guidance and strategies on how to your continue your journey toward a healthier you.

Eight-week session is held in our private TRX training room. Register by Jan 7. 

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price
Jan 12–Mar 2 Tu 5:30–6:30 pm #214164 $120M/$160NM
Register for Tai Chi

Tai Chi ages 18+

A simple nine-step Tai Chi form introduces you to the basic postures appearing in many Tai Chi forms. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and form of stylized, meditative exercise, characterized by methodically slow circular and stretching movements. It is good for relaxation, balance, leg strength, and flexibility.

Instructor Ben Ninmann has over 20 years of teaching experience.

Ten-week, small-group sessions are held in our dance studio with masks and safe distancing. Register by Jan 6. 

Winter 2021
Date Day Time Code Price member/nonmember
Jan 11–Mar 15 M 12:00–1:00 pm #214182 $100M/$130NM
Jan 11–Mar 15 M 6:45–7:45 pm #214184 $100M/$130NM
Register for Essential Oils Workshop

Essential Oils Workshop

Learn the amazing benefits of essential oils during this three-part workshop.

• Class 1: What is an essential oil and from where are they derived? Learn about the basics of oils and their function.

• Class 2: Develop your immune system with plant-based, immune-supportive approaches. There is a multitude of oils that prevent airborne pathogens and support the immune system.

• Class 3: Our psychology dictates our physiology.
Develop balance in your emotions and moods to strengthen immune functions.

$12 per class. If you attend all three classes and enroll with doTerra Essential Oils Company, your entire *$36 will be reimbursed. Instructor: Roxanne Foura, doTerra Wellness Advocate, Licensed Massage Therapist, Guided Meditation Practitioner, Fitness Instructor Held in conf. room D.

Conf. Room D
Date Day Time Code Price
Jan 7, 14, 21 Th 5:30–6:15 pm #214602 $12 per class/*$36 per workshop
Feb 10, 17, 24 Th 5:30–6:15 pm #214604 $12 per class/*$36 per workshop
Mar 2, 9, 16 Th 5:30–6:15 pm #214606 $12 per class/*$36 per workshop

FREE Yoga in the Park

See you in 2021!

Bring a mat/towel, water, and a friend!

FREE drop-in class. Social distancing. All ages. Weather permitting.



Cancellations & Closings

  • Our Wednesday 10:45 Line Dancing class is postponed until further notice.
  • Our Tuesday & Thursday 11:30 Zumba Gold class is postponed until further notice.
  • January 14th - Our pool will close at 3:00 to host the HHS Swim Team home meet. The pool will reopen at 6:30-7:30 for family and lap swimming.
  • Jan 19th & 21st - Our pool will close at 6:30 pm to host HHS Swim Team home meets.