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Crunchtime Hoops, LLC Basketball Training

Charlie Parker, an All-American and Hall of Fame inductee for the Millersville University Basketball Program, and a former professional basketball player in European leagues and the NBA G-League, offers skill development camps to players of all skill levels.

Crunchtime Hoops, LLC was created to give youth that love the game of basketball an opportunity to build their skills and raise their overall on-court knowledge and basketball IQ.


Crunchtime Hoops Skills Youth Training Camps

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Players will be led in drills including ball handling, footwork, scoring, passing, defense, and shooting techniques that will provide them the foundation to build and continue to raise their level of play in the years to come.

Competitive drills and games will add to the excitement level of the camp and the overall experience for each participant.

Grades 1–4
Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 14–17 M–Th 1:00–3:00pm #229495 $100M/$110NM
Grades 5–8
Date Day Time Code Price
Aug 16–19 M–Th 6:45–8:15pm #229509 $85M/$95NM

Crunchtime Hoops Skills Advanced Training Camps

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An elite skills development camp for players in grades 8–12.

Players will be pushed to improve their ball handling, footwork, finishing at the basket, passing, shooting and defense.

Players will compete to enhance situational awareness and decision-making on the basketball court.

This camp is all about hard work and dedication.

Each participant will have an opportunity to sharpen their skills, learn new tools that can be used in 5-on-5 play, and simply improve their all-around game.

Girls Grades 8–12
Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 28–Jul 1 M–Th 9:00am–12:00pm #229535 $190M/$200NM
Boys Grades 8–12
Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 28–Jul 1 M–Th 1:00–4:00pm #229537 $190M/$200NM

Hempfield Youth Football Camp (ages 6–12)

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The Hempfield recCenter is collaborating with the Hempfield High School Football staff and players to offer the new football camp that aims to teach football fundamentals for all offensive and defensive position groups.

This camp offers the opportunity to learn from members of the current high school football staff and to interact with current players on the high school team.

The camp will include modern drills to help improve skills and knowledge of the game, as well as the opportunity to compete against fellow campers.

All levels welcome.

Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 28–30 M–W 5:30–7:30pm #230683 $65M/$75NM

Coed Flag Football League (ages 6–14)

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Players are randomly assigned to a team based on their age.

Children are given the opportunity to experience all positions on the field. Games and practices are held on Sundays only.

Pre-registration is mandatory and space is limited!

Registration deadline is 8/21 or until filled. First come, first served.

Takes place on Hempfield recCenter fields on Church Street.

T-shirt included; indicate size on form.

Ages 6–8
Date Day Time Code Price
Sept 12–Oct 31 Su TBD #229901 $89M/$99NM
Ages 9–11
Date Day Time Code Price
Sept 12–Oct 31 Su TBD #229903 $89M/$99NM

Girls Lacrosse Developmental Camp

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This instructional camp is designed for the beginner/intermediate player looking to either gain more experience or learn the game.

Players will learn and develop their stick work skills, shooting, offensive/defensive strategies, and concepts of the game.

You will have an opportunity to train with Claudia Ovchinnikoff. She is the current Head Varsity Girls Lacrosse Coach at Hempfield High School. She is also a former U.S. Women’s Elite team member, former Division I Offensive Player of the Year, former Assistant Coach at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and a member of the 2018 Temple University Athletics Hall of Fame.

Proper equipment is required (girls lacrosse stick, goggles, and mouthguard). A limited number of sticks and goggles are available to borrow. Contact Claudia ( to reserve one.

Takes place at Church Street Fields.

Grades 2-4
Date Day Time Code Price
Aug 2–5 M–Th 9:00–10:00am #229889 $60M/$70NM
Grades 5–6
Date Day Time Code Price
Aug 2–5 M–Th 10:00–11:30am #229891 $80M/$90NM
Grades 7–8
Date Day Time Code Price
Aug 2–5 M–Th 11:30am–1:00pm #229897 $100M/$110NM

Intro to Lacrosse Camp (COED ages 6–12)

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Lead by Hempfield Youth Lacrosse Coaching Staff, this camp is a great introduction to the sport of lacrosse!

Soft balls and sticks will be used. No other equipment is needed.

Skills such as throwing, catching, ground ball pickup, shooting, and defense will be taught, and small-sided games will be played.

Beginner/intermediate players welcome.

Summer Session
Date Day Time Code Price
Jul 12–15 M–Th 6:00–7:30pm #229934 $55M/$65NM

Youth Outdoor Coed Volleyball Camp

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Coach Gary Gimm will lead this week-long volleyball camp that includes instruction on how the game is played, basic skills, as well as daily game play.

Campers are grouped by their ability and knowledge of the game.

Summer Session
Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 14–18 M–F 9:30–11:30am #229887 $65M/$75NM

Turf Training for Teens (ages 10-16)

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Challenge yourself with tire flips, sled pushes and speed/agility work on the turf.

Push yourself to accomplish more.

Trainer: Dan Cless

Summer Session
Date Day Time Code Price
Jun 7–Jul 14 M & W 6:30–7:15pm #229523 $120M/$140NM

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