Junior Tennis

Fitness For High Performance Tennis (ages 12-17)

Want to improve your tennis game?

This clinic is for those players who want to take their game to the next level.

Each training session will focus on making you more explosive, being able to recover quickly to get out of unbalanced positions.

Improve strength, agility flexibility and learn how to control balance. Learn how to change direction quickly and improve acceleration and deceleration. Train like the pros; play like the pros. Register at Hempfieldrec.com prior to each class.

Classes begin Tuesday, September 7

Date Day Time Price
September 7 - May 31 Tu & Th 4:30pm - 5:00pm $6M/$7NM per class

RPM Junior Tennis Player Pathways

YM Using USTA’s Net Generation platform, we’ve designed a cutting-edge curriculum to help players get REVVED UP about tennis.

Two pathways – RPM Junior Tennis and RPM Elite Junior Tennis each include competencies based on serving, return of serve and play from the baseline, net play and competition.

Within each step of the pathway, players will master competencies and tasks before advancing to the next level of moving to another pathway.

Contact: Bryan Fox, 717-898-3102, ext. 140 or bfox@hempfieldrec.com.

The RPM Recreational Junior tennis pathway is designed to introduce junior tennis players to the sport. A player in this pathway will learn the fundamental skills required to be a tennis player. All junior players are welcome to participate in RPM Junior.

Sign up online each week or pay at the front desk.


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